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Feel free to make use of our downloadable resources and simply formatted lesson plans.

Lesson Plan  -  Poetry  ( Rhyming Couplets and Haiku )

Re:  @princeandtiger   -   You can’t always have cheese   -   Page 4

1YCAHC Poetry Plan.pdf Word PDF

Lesson Plan  -  Story Planning

Re:  @princeandtiger   -   You can’t always have cheese   -  Page 4

2YCAHC Story Planning.docx 2YCAHC Story Planning.pdf Word PDF 3YCAHC Story Writing.docx

Lesson Plan  -  Story Writing  (Follows on from Story Planning lesson)

Re:  @princeandtiger   -   You can’t always have cheese   -   Page 4

3YCAHC Story Writing.pdf Word PDF

Lesson Plan  -  Alphabetical Order

Re:  @princeandtiger   -   You can’t always have cheese   -   Pages 10 & 12

4YCAHC Alphabet2aaa.docx 4YCAHC Alphabet2aaa.pdf Word PDF

Lesson Plan - Fruit/Vegetable salad


Re: @princeandtiger - You can’t always have cheese - Page 20

6YCAHC Salad.docx 6YCAHC Salad.pdf Word PDF new Body Part work sheet.pdf Body Part work sheet Body Part Answer.pdf Body Part Answers Skeleton worksheet.pdf Skeleton work sheet Skeleton Answers.pdf Skeleton Answers RESOURCES